Does anyone else get bad insomnia on their period because it probably my worst symptom. I want to be less moody and more asleep!!!

I don’t like when plans fall through, especially when it happens on my only off day of the week. Good excuses are fine but it doesn’t mean that I want to hang out any less!! Today was an emotional mess to be topped off with that, and then to be sprinkled with not being able to fall asleep tonight. I wish I could be sharing some time with someone.

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idk man it just makes me so so so sad when you’re watching a cutiepie talk about their passion like when they light up and start bubbling over with words and then all of a sudden they stop themselves and say stuff like “sorry, i know this is boring” or “sorry i just got excited”

like you know somewhere in their life someone they respected told them “shut up nobody cares” and ever since they can’t talk about their favorite things without apologizing every 5 seconds

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oh no

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I have homework due in an hour but I’m too busy watching Shrek videos

I literally just cried on the phone with Haley because I just got so fucking emo and I don’t even know if she could tell but I was pretty much sobbing hehe

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Brand New. by sadiefederspiel on Flickr.

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hey guys its fall u know what that means

only gotta shave when ur gonna get laid



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